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In the short time we’ve worked together, I am grateful for the insight and guidance you’ve given me on my journey to grow forward. I appreciate your approach to hypnotherapy, and how you take my needs and words into consideration before making recommendations for an action plan. Of the therapists I’ve worked with previously, I feel the strongest connection with Steven to fully open up, be vulnerable, and open-minded to become the strongest version of me. I’m really glad I connected with Steven and highly recommend his hypnotherapy services to anyone in search of a therapist.

- Kristen

Faith brought Steven and I together.

Working with Steven doesn’t seem like an appointment or hypnotic session, I feel as though I am Face-Timing with a good friend.  I find myself talking about everything, subjects I had no idea I was thinking about or were still on my mind.  We live 3000 miles apart yet Steven makes our calls appear as though we are sitting in the same room.

I thank the universe every day for the friendship I have with Steven in my life.  He helps me overcome my life challenges both past and present and he is guiding me into a better future, I am ever so grateful.

- Joseph Testa

Steven is patient, skilled, and highly intuitive– I experienced past lives and hypnosis for the first time (as a somewhat skeptical person coming into the process). These experiences were powerful in helping me see myself today in the present time, differently. I brought forward the power from past experiences Highly recommend working with Steve.

- SL

Steven’s empathic nature and attentiveness make him an ideal hypnotherapist. He not only pays attention to what I say but also how I say it. He helps me see and acknowledge all the positive things in my life with a slight nudge towards gratitude. I am so thankful to have found him. I could not give him higher marks for a recommendation. You will not be disappointed, moreover, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

- Alan-Livernois